Collaborations between composers and performers have always been frequent in the history of music: the composer experiments with new ideas that the performer makes possible, correcting and improving the composer’s instrumental writing. In the meantime, the performer discovers new possibilities on the instrument and is stimulated to refine his/her technique.

DYCE Call for composers selects 12 composers for ensemble and 8 composers foro solo instrument (respectively, 3 and 2 from each DYCE region).
All 8 composers for solo are invited to find a performer among the students of their academy of origin, with and for whom the composer writes the new piece. This way, 8 “musical pairs” composer + performer are formed, 2 from each DYCE region: from September 2022 to April 2023 the pair’s musicians will work together to gain maximum benefit from each other’s experience.
Solo composers who cannot find his/her performer among the students of his/her academy should contact DYCE office to agree on a different way of choosing the performer.

In the months between October 2022 and April 2023, with a timetable to be agreed, DYCE partners offer tutoring to the couples: with live and online meetings, two renowned professionals (a composer and a performer of the same pair-instrument) chosen by each DYCE ensemble will guide the couple through the creation and performance of the new piece.
DYCE provides one trip for each couple to the partner’s city in their DYCE region, as well as some online tutoring meetings to be decided on the basis of the couple’s need.

Throughout the DYCE project the composers and musicians of the pairs will participate in DYCE’s communication activities, collaborating with the Storytellers and making short video interviews or presentations of their work themselves, or contributing with short written texts. More details will be provided at the beginning of the work.

The collaboration with the Storytellers is an integral part of the project and is carried out with the support of the DYCE partners’ team.

In May/June 2023, the 8 new solo works will be programmed in DYCE final concerts in Milan, Oslo, Seville and Tallinn. Each couple will be invited to the city of its DYCE region and each pair’s performer will play the piece that was composed for/with him or her. The concerts’ calendar will be published soon.
All travel, board and accommodation expenses will be charged to DYCE.

In June 2023, after the last concert, DYCE final convention will take place in Milan and will be attended by all protagonists: ensemble-partners, composers, performers, storytellers, Audience Development lecturers, members of the academies, the public; journalists, critics, and all interested people are invited. Composers’ and pairs’ participation in the convention is compulsory.
Composers for ensemble attend in person, the eight pairs attend online (unless they are already in Milan for different reasons).

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