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Composer - Yellow Region, Ensemble U: - PIECES FOR ENSEMBLE

My name is Otso Väisänen and I got interested in filmmaking from a young age making short films and videos with my younger brother. While in high school I attended international film workshops and courses and decided to pursue a career in the film industry. The films I have worked on have toured on international film festivals. Listening to music has always been a big part of my creative process and I usually get my best ideas when I’m browsing through different genres looking for new music. 

After working nine months for the Finnish Border Guard as a videographer I decided to start my own production company with my brother. I’ve always loved filmmaking, performing, music and telling good stories, and believe that this project would be the perfect way to combine these passions of mine. What distinguishes me from my peers is that I am laser-focused on telling a good story. Everything else is secondary.
When I’m not making films I am working as an actor in indie short films and commercials.

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