DYCE concerts

Access video recordings of the concerts held on 16 October 2022
in Tallinn, Seville, Oslo and Milan.

Click on ‘Guarda su YouTube’ [watch the video on YouTube] to enlarge the screen
and access the individual pieces by clicking on the titles in the list

TALLIN, Cikada Ensemble

01:30 Tze Yeung Ho – “vihik (b) / shulamite (e)”
19:15 Jee Seo – “On Fever”
26:40 Liisa Hõbepappel – “On the Seashore of endless worlds children meet”
38:15 Sofie Meyer – “Cyanocitta / Magic”
47:18 Péter Tukora – “Nephele”

SEVILLE, Taller Sonoro
00:00 Demian Rudel Rey – Cuélebre
09:56 Bernat Cucarella – Jerom
21:56 Kostas Zisimopoulos – Nysa
34:01 Guillermo Cobo – Energía del vacío
45:27 Emre Eröz – Palimpsest

OSLO, Ensemble U:
03:50 Niki Zohdi: De Rerum Naturis [singularity] (2022) for percussion solo
16:05 Frederik Zeuthen: Soliloquy (2022) for cello solo
27:55 Samuel Messer: strange calligraphy (2016)
35:00 Inga Margrete Aas: Self Portrait with Lynx and Moth (2022)
42:35 Anibal Vidal: Liquidity (2021)

MILAN, Divertimento Ensemble
09:41 Filippo Lepre, Intermittenze rituali for prepared piano
32:47 Otto Wanke, Metallic spaces for clarinet in Bb, violin, cello and piano
48:47 Seong-Jin Hong, If it Weren’t Tuesday, I Could go Dancing With the Turtle for flute, clarinet in Bb,
cello and piano
01:00:22 Pasquale Punzo, Immagini d’orizzonte for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello

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