Welcome to DYCE voting page

If you have attended at least one of the concerts held on 16 October 2022, you can enter the voting form from here.
Remember to access the ballot with the same email address that you gave to the concert staff! Voting submitted through unregistered addresses will not be considered.

The purpose of the vote is to choose one composer from each of the four European DYCE regions. The four selected composers will receive a commission to each write a new piece for ensemble; the four new works will be performed in May/June 2023 by the four DYCE partner ensembles.
You can vote online from 14.00 on 17 October to 23:59 on 19 October.

You will find the composers’ names and the titles of the pieces to be voted on, 3 for each region. 
For each region you must assign a mark from 1 to 3 to each composer: 3 is the highest mark = your favorite composer.
If you judge two composers to have equal merit, you may assign them the same mark. You cannot assign three equal marks (technically you can, but this way it is as if you cancel your vote because it will have no influence on the final results).
When you have finished voting for each region, click SEND.
Once sent, the vote is not revocable or repeatable.
You do not have to vote for all 4 regions: you can also vote for just one, or two, or three.

If you wish to listen to the pieces again before voting, the audio/video files are available here.

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