Cikada Social Club #1

Friday 22 March 2019
Bruket - Schweigaards gate 34c, 0191 Oslo

Cikada Social Club #1

Because no one’s cooler than the viola player:

Meet Cikada’s favourite viola player in this “Musicology 101”.

Have you ever wondered if contemporary music might be something for you, but at the same time felt a little lost in a foreign soundscape? Or are you a seasoned music enthusiast, just lacking the words to express your passion? Or perhaps you already know everything about music, and just want to challenge our quick-witted Trønder? Anyway, this crash course in musicology is something for you – even for you, who just happens to pop by on the lookout for some good company.

Course description:

- causerie on music theory, full of broad generalisations (20 min)
- beer (30 min)
- foolery on music and meaning (20 min)
- beer (4 hours)