As foreseen by the project, after the concerts held in Tallinn, Seville, Oslo and Milan on 16 October 2022 the audience and ensemble musicians voted to choose one composer for ensemble in each city.

We are pleased to announce here the names of the four selected composers:

In Tallinn: Liisa Hõbepappel
In Seville: Kostas Zisimopoulos
In Oslo: Anibal Vidal
In Milan: Seong-Jin Hong

They will be commissioned with a 12-15 minutes new piece each, for the same instruments of the Call for scores: flute (also flute in G, bass flute and piccolo), clarinet (also E flat clarinet and bass clarinet), violin, cello, piano, percussions.
Electronics (not live electronics) is admitted.

The 4 pieces new for ensemble will be performed by the DYCE partner ensembles in May/June 2023. Liisa, Kostas, Anibal, and Song-Jin will be invited to Milan, Oslo, Sevilla and Tallinn and will attend the rehearsals and the concerts, working closely with all the ensembles and the conductors.

We wish the four composers good work!

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